Your Contract

Please note that the contract information below (excluding the updated salary appendices) is from our last contract, most of which is still in effect.  Some articles have updated portions.  The new language is listed on the homepage of this website.  Please be sure to look on our homepage to see the new language you approved in November 2015.

Table of Contents 2014-2017

Agreement/Article 1 Recognition

Article 2 Effect of Agreement

Article 3 Association Rights

Article 4 District Rights

Article 5 No Discrimination

Article 6 Grievance Procedures

Article 7 Hours of Employment

Article 8 Evaluation Procedures

Article 9 Reassignments and Transfers

Article 10 Leaves of Absence

Article 11 Class Size-Support Services Ratios

Article 12 Safety Conditions

Article 13 Wages

Article 14 Health and Welfare Benefits

Article 15 Early Retirement

Article 16 Partnership Teaching

Article 17 Employment, Resignation, Layoff

Article 18 Peer Assistance and Review Program

Article 19 School Based Management

Article 20 Professional Growth

Article 21 Miscellaneous

Article 22 Year Round Education

Article 23 Duration and Termination

Salary Schedules

Appendix A Teacher Salary (Emergency Permits, Waivers, Intern Credentials)

Appendix B Teacher Salary (Teachers with Preliminary or Clear Credential)

Appendix C Salary Schedule Regulations – Teachers

Appendix D Summary School Salary Schedule – Teachers

Appendix E Salary Rates – Extra-curricular Assignments – Teachers

Appendix F Special Salary Schedule – Teachers

Appendix G EEELP – 225 Days

Appendix H EEELP – 184 Days

Appendix I College View

Appendix J Salary – Support Services

Appendix K Salary – Counselors

Appendix L Salary Schedule Regulations – Support Services

Appendix M Summer School Salary – Support Services

Appendix N Special Salary Schedule – Support Services

2016-2017 School Calendars

Evaluation Forms

Appendix – T1:  Summary Evaluation

Appendix – T2:  Plan for Professional Growth**

Appendix – T3:  Observation Record

Appendix – T4:  Informal Observation Notes

Appendix – T5:  GUSD Standards for Educators

Appendix – T6:  Improvement Plan




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