GTA Benefits

The benefits below are only available to active members.

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Automatic Benefits:  All of these benefits are automatically yours if you’re a member of the Glendale Teachers Association.

Voluntary Programs:  All of these benefits are available to you if you’re a member of the Association.

Member Benefits By Linda Gosney

All members have Automatic Benefits as part of your CTA membership. You do not have to do anything to sign up or pay for these, but you should designate a beneficiary for the life insurance. Those who have been teaching for many years might want to check and update information if needed. If you do not designate a beneficiary, the payment will be done through the following line of order: spouse, adult child and parent. Upon the death of a member, it is the family’s responsibility to notify the CTA Member Benefits Office so payment can be made. NEA also provides an automatic life insurance for all members. These life insurance policies provide small amounts, but are there for the member and should be collected. If the family makes no contact, the money stays in the fund.

CTA BENEFIT AMOUNT: Up to $2000.00 and if the death is accidental, may be as high as $10,000.00.

NEA BENEFIT AMOUNT: Up to $1000.00 with an accidental coverage of up to $5,000.00. Voluntary Benefits are those you have to sign up and pay for. These include the following: group life insurance, group disability insurance, Wellbaby program, auto insurance, and home insurance. All companies offering these programs and insurance have gone through a rigorous interview process by CTA and have qualified because they offer unique coverage for the teacher and provide a complaint process for any issues that may arise.

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