Be Retirement Ready

Be Retirement Ready

No matter how young you are, now is the right time to start preparing for retirement.  Here are some simple steps to follow:

First year of teaching;

  • Register for myCalSTRS at  Use this to change address, or ask questions, change your recipient designation for Death Benefits, and much more.
  • Begin a tax-deferred supplemental savings plan, (TSA).
  • Submit your Recipient Designation form.

Up to five years of teaching;

  • Check your Retirement Progress Report to make sure your service credit is accurate.
  • Attend the Demystifying CalSTRS workshop.  Register by going to

At the end of your fifth year of teaching, you are now vested and eligible to receive a lifetime monthly retirement benefit when you retire.  You can retire as early as age 55.  Do these things every few years to stay current on what is happening in CalSTRS and your life, and make changes accordingly.

  • Attend the CalSTRS Fundamentals Workshop.
  • Consider increasing your TSA amount.
  • Develop a financial plan for retirement.
  • Check and update your benefit recipient.

Age 50 to 55 with at least 30 years of teaching credit, or at least 55 with 5 years of credit-  You are eligible to retire.

  • Request the Your Retirement Guide booklet.
  • Attend the CalSTRS Retirement checkup and Retirement Income Management workshops.
  • Meet with a CalSTRS benefits counselor 10-12 months before you plan to retire to get an estimate of your benefit.
  • Review your one-time death benefit recipient information and update, if necessary.


Contact CalSTRS at 1-800-228-5453 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­to set up a meeting at the GUSD offices. 


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