CTA Retired

Dear Fellow CTA Member:

Whether you are retiring soon, or even if it is still a few years away, it may be time to take a look at CTA/NEA-Retired membership. There is only one way to continue your role as an integral part of the CTA and NEA family after you are no longer an active school employee, and that is to become a retired member.

Stay Connected: Enjoy social opportunities and stay in touch with the friends you have made working all these years! Continue to receive information about the profession to which you devoted so much of your life, being a CTA/NEA-Retired member will keep you in the loop.

Be Protected: CTA and NEA endorsed insurance programs are only available to CTA/NEA members; CTA/NEA-Retired membership will allow you to continue using many of them, including Home and Auto, Life Insurance, as well as being eligible for CTA’s Disaster Relief Fund. As a CTA/NEA-Retired member you will have the opportunity to work with CTA to protect the pension benefits you have earned from the myriad of attacks that you face. Don’t let Sacramento decide what is good or important to you!

Enjoy Benefits: CTA and NEA Member Benefits offer a myriad of discounts for retail, travel and more, which can really help with vacations and more for those on a fixed income.

Join CTA/NEA-Retired today! There are different options for membership.

  • If you are not retired yet you can choose the Pre-retired option that will give you a lifetime membership.
  • If you are retired or retiring you can opt for either an annual or lifetime membership. If you are concerned that you might forget to pay your annual dues (you don’t want your membership to lapse and lose your insurance), CalSTRS payroll deduction is a great option!

For more information, go to www.CTA.org/Retired, or contact CTA/NEA-Retired by phone at (650) 577-5150 or email at CTA-Retired@cta.org.

Enrollment forms are available by calling; emailing or they may be found on the website at www.CTA.org/Retired.

Check us out on Facebook by clicking this link www.facebook.com/ctanearetired.


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