Frequently Requested Info

To find out more about your plan and coverage, create a login for Blue Shield of California.  Please have your health card with ID number available:  Blue Shield Website

Click on the link for a list of free preventative health care offered by Blue Sheild HMO or PPO:  Preventive_Health_Guidelines

Blue Shield Of California, Member Services:  (855) 256-9404

Behavioral Health Care:  (800) 866-6534

State Teachers Retirement System, CalSTRS Glendale Office: (800) 228-5453, select option 3
505 N. Brand Bl. #200
Glendale, CA 91203

The Standard Disability Insurance:  (800) 522-0406

Entertainment Discounts for Members:  (800) 540-2373
Travel Discounts for Members:  (800) 570-7877
Theme Park Discounts:  (800) 537-8491

NEA Special Services:  (800) 637-4636

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